Lawn Conversion

Lawn Conversion

Sheet Mulching

Converting your lawn to a nourishing vegetable garden or drought-tolerant landscape can save both water and money.  According to the US EPA, the typical suburban lawn consumes 10,000 gallons of water a year.  It also contributes to fertilizer and herbicide run-off into our waterways.

Transform your lawn naturally using cardboard, compost and/or mulch and eliminate the waste – and back-breaking labor — of digging up the lawn. Depending on your local water supplier, you may be eligible for a rebate.  For step-by-step instructions and video, visit Bay Friendly Landscaping & Gardening  Coalition.

Alameda County

In Alameda County, WM EarthCare is an approved provider of compost and mulch for StopWaste’s Lose Your Lawn program.

There are two packages available from a local nursery. The packages include 36” wide cardboard roll  made with recycled content and enough compost and/or mulch  to cover 200 square feet of lawn.

Plant Today – A layer of cardboard, compost and mulch allows for immediate planting.

Plant Later – A layer of cardboard and mulch kills the lawn before planting.

Packages are available at Evergreen Nursery and through landscapers listed on the StopWaste website.  Visit for more information about suppliers and possible rebates from local agencies.

Marin County

In Marin County, Novato residents are encouraged to replace their water thirsty lawns with locally produced Homegrown Compost, mulch and cardboard.  Visit North Marin Water District to learn about its incentive program.

drought resistant landscaping

Replace your lawn with drought tolerant and native plants. Image by: Beth Muramoto