Recommended Application Depth

Compost3″–4″May be applied directly to the soil surface as mulch, or mixed with soil to a depth of 6″– 8″ as a soil amendment. Planting in 100% compost is not recommended. Excellent for enriching soil. May be applied throughout the year.

Product Amount to Apply Notes
Wood Mulch 2″–4″ Excellent for use around trees, shrubs, and perennial gardens – either dyed or natural. When spreading mulch around trees, keep the mulch 6″ away from the trunk. Taper the depth of mulch away from plantings. Natural dye is safe animals and children and colorfast. Color will not fade for one year. Best applied in fall or in spring after soil warms.
Aggregate 2″–3″ Thicker layers tend to compact reducing drainage. Apply over 4″ sand base with geotextile material. Excellent in areas where the possibility of fire may be a concern.