productsAs daytime temperatures rise so does the surface temperature of soil. Moisture is quickly lost at the surface on hot days, even in irrigated soils.

An inspection of your irrigation system and freshening up of mulch this month will not only help you conserve water and save money, but will also reduce the harmful effects of high temperatures on soil organisms, organic matter, and plant roots.

Activate your irrigation system and repair leaks, adjust emitter placement, and replace any that have become clogged or damaged. Also be sure to adjust the settings of your irrigation system to correspond with the water needs of your landscape plantings. Remember water needs change as plants develop. Make sure that your system is in sync with your plants!

Finish your inspection by adding a top dressing of 1-2 inches of WM EarthCare™ mulch throughout your landscape. A fresh application of mulch will brighten color faded by oxidation as well as add insulation on the soil surface that will moderate temperature and improve moisture retention.