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WM EarthCare™ Mulch is made from 100% recycled, clean, untreated lumber, which is coarsely ground to two inches at a facility near you. The colorfast mulch, dyed with naturally occurring carbon and/or iron oxide, is safe for children and animals, and is guaranteed to retain its color for one year. 

Recommended Application:

Mulch sustains soil by retaining moisture, regulating soil temperature, preventing erosion, deterring weeds, and reducing compaction. Apply three to four inches of mulch for best results. (One cubic yard covers 108 sf) Replenish annually to compensate for settlement and to brighten color aesthetics.


Muir Woods Brown

Muir Woods Brown evokes the essence of a forest floor with its rich earthy color.


Mission Mahogany

Mission Mahogany creates the appearance of redwood bark without fading.


Mt. Diablo Black

Mt. Diablo Black captures the sun’s warmth to raise soil temperature by as much as 10° and helps protect sensitive plants in winter.


Golden Gate Red

Golden Gate Red stimulates vegetation by reflecting a favorable light wavelength associated with plant growth.


California Gold

California Gold enriches a garden by reflecting the sun’s rays in summer and retaining the soil’s moisture.


Monterey Dune Natural

Monterey Dune Natural fades from yellow to wood color, producing a natural aesthetic.

Benefits of WM EarthCare Mulch Products

    • Helps put organic matter back into the soil, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.
    • Helps retain moisture, reducing irrigation demands.
    • Suppresses weeds and plant pests.

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